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Equipping Women of Faith ​and Organizations of Impact ​to Live Bravely with ​Emotional Intelligence.

Jelisa Dallas


Author, Speaker, DEIB Practitioner

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The time is NOW for you to…

Own who you are. operate in authority. optimize your life.

You know you have a giftedness that the world needs and it requires you to step into the fullness of who you are. Your desire for fulfillment and alignment has drawn you to a place of introspection, however, without direction.

Tell me, are you tired of undermining your intentions, ideas and interests? Do you feel like you’re holding yourself back with excuses and unrealistic expectations? Do you have a desire for change but it never seems to happen as you hope?

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If you answered YES to the above,

Then you’ve come to the right place.

Hi, I’m


I’m the CEO of Go Brave LLC. Our mission is to ​equip individuals and organizations with the ​emotional intelligence needed to break ​barriers, bolster belief, and build behaviors ​that optimize life for true belonging.

By addressing the soul—mind, will, and ​emotions—we promote authenticity, advocacy, ​and appreciation. Our ultimate goal is to guide ​you towards living bravely.

With over 13 years working in education, I have ​developed resilience programming for non-​profit organizations, historically ​underrepresented communities, and for-​profit and public institutions. As a result, I am ​confident in my experience and expertise to ​support your evolution into an emotionally ​intelligent change agent, business owner ​and/or leader.

Let‘s shift from avoidance to alignment and information to implementation…


"I enjoyed being challenged to help me ​implement each task or goal that I was trying to ​achieve. Most importantly I enjoyed having the ​Holy Spirit guiding us through the experience."

F. Luckey (Coaching)

"I really like speaking with her [Jelisa] ​because she takes the time to listen to my ​concerns. Her purposeful guidance is ​motivating."

S. Sapp (Coaching)

"Scheduling 'God time' was a tangible strategy ​that I look forward to planning."

M. Perkins (Course)

Jelisa's course "literally couldn’t come at a ​better time in my life as I step out on faith ​once again... God has not failed me yet!"

D. Howard (Course)

"The atmosphere...speakers...and information was amazing..."

T. Wheeler (Workshop)

"Thank you for the take our businesses and lives to the next level."

J. Hampton (Workshop)

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Let’s work together!

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Soul Work

An eight-week one on one coaching program coaching program to help you navigate the soul work process of healthy disruption to implement discipline and mastery over your mind, will and emotions.



Self MaAd


A 12-week group coaching program to help you build consistency in owning who you are, operating in authority and optimizing your life and business to establish an individualized self-maad routine.

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A 90-minute intensive or four-hour VIP day to help aspiring and current business owners create or sustain viability of their offers in the current and future market.


Your Life




Hire Jelisa to Speak & Train at Your In-Person or Virtual Events

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popular topics:

  • Healing Shame: How to Practice ​Acceptance and Lean into ​Compassion
  • Own It: The Power of Self-​Mastery
  • Developing a Culture of ​Belonging Through Storytelling
  • The Intersectionality of Race ​and Trauma
  • Resilience and Rest: Prioritizing ​Emotional Wellbeing
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Soul Work identifies the dysfunctional mindsets, behaviors and habits stunting your growth, offers strategies to overcome setbacks, supports your spiritual development through identity formation and builds your capacity with tips and tools to MAINTAIN FREEDOM.

Let your soul work be your best work to a better you!